TAM Tibetan Folk Musicians / Traditional Music June 29, 2000

Tibetan Folk Musicians Performing Traditional Music June 29, 2000

Recorded on June 29, 2000 this group of traditional Tibetan folk musicians were in Washington DC performing at the 2000 annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival held on the Mall of the Nation's Capitol. A group of six musicians came to the Radio Free Asia facilities and did this recording session. The group sung Tibetan folk songs and accompanied themselves on dramnyen (lute), pe wang (fiddle), drum, cymbals, gling (bells) and flute. The RFA session resulted in this collection of sixteen nang ma (Classical) and rnam thar (Narrative) songs.

This complete TAM Session resulted in sixteen song tracks which are loaded in the Tam Player below for your preview:

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In traditional Tibetan folk music stories are told mainly about Buddhist scriptures and legends. Tibetan Music as a folk art has been passed on from elder generation to the younger generation through oral teaching. Traditional Tibetan folk music carries the essence of Tibetan culture and reflects the life and ideology of Tibetan ethnic group and is therefore an important part of their life.

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