Traditional Asian Music Project

TAM, the Traditional Asian Music Project exists to preserve and share the cultural ideals and values articulated through the traditional music of the diverse Asian communities of our broadcast audience.

The music on this site is part of a growing collection from the Radio Free Asia Music Library. During the course of the years at Radio Free Asia traditional folk musicians have come to our studio facilities to perform at the request of the language services. These session recordings engineered by members of Radio Free Technical Operations Division staff are the audio files that comprise the TAM Project.

TAM DownloadDownload files for the TAM Project are complete session files divided into song tracks. The session folders are compressed in ZIP format and the sessions song tracks are in FLAC format. FLAC is a non-proprietary lossless Audio Codec (compressed audio without any loss in quality) which can be played directly in many players. More information on FLAC can be found at the Sourceforge FLAC project page: http://flac.sourceforge.net/ and information on how to play FLAC files can be also found at Sourceforge.

Music in Asia tends to be categorized between art, court, classical (formal) styles and folk (informal) music. All styles are considered traditional regional music and are offered through the TAM Project.

Obviously the Radio Free Asia facilities were built for radio production and not music recording. As radio broadcast studios were used in most of these recordings often technical modifications had to be made in order to best accommodate the music session. More often then not these modifications were made on the fly with whatever equipment happened to be on hand at the time of recording as some recording sessions are impromptu and unscheduled.

The TAM Project pages are arranged on this site by performers country and in the chronological order of the recording session with the oldest first. Song information for the individual tracks in the session for the TAM Project is as complete as possible and can be found as metadata tag information embedded in the FLAC song tracks.

Each session page has a TAM player embedded on the page where you may preview the tracks in the session. the player serves as a preview to allow you to hear the music of the session before downloading. The tracks are loaded into the player, in most cases, in the order they were recorded. The preview player is started by clicking the play button and tracks are navigated by using the next song or previous track button. The continuous play button plays all the session's song tracks in consecutive order from first to last song track of the session.

Current TAM Project sessions are: