3D Project Standards

Guide to abbreviations used as descriptions of the object type in the file name:

3D Project Standards
XXX=Object Type
ADA=Audio Devices and Accessories
CnA=Connectors Audio Specific
CnD=Connectors Data Specific (Also Used for Digital Audio)
CON=Audio Consoles
CPF=Copiers, Printers and Faxes
ECP=Electronic Components
FUR=Furniture (Studio, Home and Office)
HDW=Hardware (Miscellaneous Nuts and Bolts)
MDI=Storage Media (Analog and Digital)
MIC=Microphones and Microphone Stands
NET=Network Equipment (LAN and WAN)
PAN=Panels, Patch Bays & Rack Accessories
PCR=PC Rack Mount Type and Storage
PCW=PC Workstations and Components
RAK=Equipment Racks
SMC=Studio Mechanical
SPY=Studio Physical
SRK=Server Rack Stands
TEL=Telephone Equipment
VMT=Vehicles, Machinery and Tools
VTV=Video and Television Equipment