3D Project Standards

3D Project Stanadrds

The potential of Computer Aided Design (CAD) relies on the ability to share and reuse information. The key to realizing this potential is using common organizing principles.

AutoCAD (AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc.) has had the longest tenure in the CAD software market. Most CAD programs can either convert or import directly AutoCAD format drawings. For this reason CAD drawings available through the 3D Project are standardized to the AutoCAD 2000 DWG file format.

The file and layer naming standards used by the 3-D Project adhere as closely as possible to The American Institute of Architects CAD Layer Guidelines. This standard was selected to allow broadcast facility CAD designs and details to integrate easily with construction industry CAD design standards.

All files distributed by the 3-D Project are formatted to USA measurement standards in inches and feet unless otherwise noted. For more information on 3D Project's Standards: