3D Project Standards

3D CAD File Downloads

The following CAD drawings are available for download with file and layer naming standards as defined by the 3D Project standards. All drawings are AutoCAD 2000 DWG format. The CAD files can be downloaded in bulk (all project CADs), by discipline or as individual files.

Click on the icon bellow to download the desired file collections. By downloading users acknowledge that they understand and accept the 3D Project Download Agreement.

ALL3D Project StandardsAll Project CADs|   ADAADAAudio Devices and Accessories
CnACnAConnectors Audio|   CnDCnDConnectors Data
CONCONAudio Consoles|   CPFCPFCopiers, Printers & Faxes
ECPECPElectronic Components|   FURFURFurniture
HDWHDWHardware|   MDIMDIStorage Media
MICMICMicrophones & Stands|   NETNETNetwork Equipment
PCRPCRPC Rack Mount|   PCWPCWPC Workstations
PPLPPLPeople|   PANPANEquipment Rack Panels
RAKRAKEquipment Racks|   SMCSMCStudio Mechanical
SPKSPKSpeakers|   SPYSPYStudio Physical
SRKSRKServer Racks|   TELTELTelephone Equipment
VMTVMTVehicles, Machinery & Tools|   VTVVTVVideo & Television

If you found any drawings on this site useful show your appreciation by incorporating your work into the 3D Project. Share your 3D CAD files with this sites community by uploading your drawings at: ftp://techweb.rfa.org/incoming.

All 3D Project FTP Directories can be found at the links below:

Material Texture files were created from digital or digitized photographs of actual real-world items in order for rendered CAD drawings to as closely match what they actually depict as possible. From the digital photograph sample colours were harvested. These samples were then texturized (i.e. weave texture added to upholstery fabric) and made tileable. The finished product is saved as a JPEG file. The primary programs used to create the Material Texture files were Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Hi resolution files are 640 x 480 pixels. Low Resolution is 320 x 240 pixels. Files are categorized by the type of material represented and available for download by category.

Decal files were created from digital or digitized photographs of actual real-world items. Files were used for a variety of decal paste on applications when rendering CAD drawings such as on computer screens, equipment labeling, equipment faceplates and exterior view in windows. Files are various resolution and quality.